Meet the Team...


The aims, quite simply, are the promotion of Gunner welfare and comradeship; aims which are as important today as they were back in 1920.  Comradeship is fostered in local branches and ladies sections in the UK and abroad, and by affiliation to other Gunner organisations.  Also the regular contact, meetings and social gatherings.  There are a number of national events that the RAA support and organise.  Please see the events section for more information. The Assocation provides a ready made network of Gunner friends and useful contacts.  Please visit your Gallery to find out more about our events and view the Gunners having some fun. 

The Royal Artillery Assocation team consists of the General Secretary, Lt Col Ian Vere Nicoll MBE at the helm.  He is ably assisted by the Membership Secretary, Capt (Retd) A Solly and the Membership Assistant Ms Sarah Davies.  



General Secretary - Lt Col I Vere Nicoll MBE



 Membership Secretary - Capt (Retd) A Solly            Membership Assistant - Ms S Davies