12 Regiment Royal Artillery mark Armistice Day in Worthing

Posted 13/11/14

Soldiers from 12 Regiment Royal Artillery (12 Regt RA) joined residents from the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home (QAHH) to mark Armistice Day in Worthing, West Sussex.

Residents from QAHH are all ex-serving military, Sergeant Vance Walker, 12 Regt RA said “It is a great honour to be here today to mark Armistice Day, along with the residents of QAHH, veterans and the public. It is such a poignant day for everyone around the globe. We are here with past and present military, and we must remember that without the sacrifices made by our armed forces we would not have what we have today.”

QAHH is a registered charity, providing care and rehabilitation for physically disabled ex-servicemen and women. QAHH Armed Forces Liaison Officer Jackie Bulmer “It has been fantastic to have the support of the serving community on this very important day. It means a great deal to our residents, and allows them to converse with serving personnel and reminisce; which is something that they just love to do.”

After the official ceremony at the war memorial in Worthing, military personnel, staff and residents made their way back the QAHH where bulbs were planted to commemorate Armistice Day, Jackie adds “We really did want to commemorate in some way and bulbs seemed the perfect approach, they are planted at the front of the Hospital Home where everyone will be able to see them. They are a symbol of growth and the future.”

Bombardier Edwards said “I am extremely proud to have been invited to mark Armistice Day at Worthing. This gives us the perfect opportunity to remember every conflict and the sacrifices made. It has been great to meet with residents of QAHH and reminisce with them – the hospital does an incredible job and without these men and women I would not be what I am today.”

Lieutenant Colonel Hall (Ret’d) was amongst those remembering today “It is fantastic to see today’s military joining the residents of QAHH, veterans and public as we mark one of the most important days in our calendar. It was also endearing to see 160 school children taking part – it is important that they understand what Armistice Day is all about.” Having retired after 39 years in the military Lieutenant Colonel Hall is now Voluntary Community Liaison Officer for QAHH, he adds “I felt that it was now time for me to give something back and for me the best way was becoming a volunteer at QAHH. This is a fantastic hospital home for our ex-military which does a magnificent job.”

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