222nd Battery birthday and the anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Horse Artillery.

Posted 13/02/15

On Monday 2nd February the Chestnut Troop celebrated their 222nd Battery birthday and the anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Horse Artillery.


The all day celebrations started with the Officers and SNCOs waking up the Gunners with traditional ‘Gunfire’, a delicious mix of coffee and rum.


After a hearty breakfast in the HUB, Bdr Hughes ran the traditional 5-a-side football tournament, held in the Garrison super gym.  Although sometimes lacking in skill, the intensity, physicality and flair of these matches was at an impressive level, with every team looking to get their hands on the converted trophy.  However there could only be one winner, as Bdr Kenwood led his JNCO team to victory in the final over Gnr Rockell’s Gunner A team.


Salisbury Cathedral was host to the yearly commemoration service, led by the Padre. The Battery sung the hymns with gusto while Gnr Warom, Bdr Foster and Lt Goring all read during the service. The Battery then took their annual photo outside the Cathedral at sunset, generating plenty of interest from passers by and being involved lots of unofficial ‘Selfies’.


The final part of the day’s celebrations took part in the White Hart Hotel, with all ranks and guests dining together in a formal three course dinner.  The guest of honour, ex Battery Commander Lt Col Malec, gave a speech looking forward to the future of the Chestnut Troop.  Skits were performed after dinner and the Officers’ attempt was judged the winner by the Battery Commander, with Lt Ingram giving an Oscar worthy performance of WO2 (BSM) Henshaw.


Thank you to Capt Hinton, Sgt Musvipa and their team for organising the day enjoyed by all.   It was a true reminder of the proud History the Battery has and a look forward to what will be written in the History books by the current members of the Battery.



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