47 Regt Support the RAA

Posted 21/04/15

We at the RAA would like to thank Abraham Day from 47 Regt RA for raising funds for the Royal Artillery Assocation.  It was an epic challenge and in Abe's own words he would like to thank you all that dontaed:-


'thanks to everyone who donated, I completed the CTS Exmoor 10k, which ended up 7.1 miles, with again the worse hills I've ever had to run up.

It was really tough with the 16kg weight, I did have to question my sanity for returning to Exmoor for a second time butonce again in the end its

all worth it and to raise £225 for the RAA means a lot to me and hopefully a lot to the charity!

Again thanks for everyone's support and the donations! I've decided that I am in need of a new challenge, and I'm going to look at doing something

different for my next event! WATCH THIS SPACE!'



If you would like to add to the money already raised please follow this link - 

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