A453 is now Remembrance Way

Posted 30/03/15

A major road running through Nottingham has been renamed in honour of the 453 members of the armed forces who died in Afghanistan. The campaign had been launched to rename the road, which will now be known as ‘Remembrance Way’.  Dougie Pullen from Kimberley in Nottinghamshire was an Army reservist for 30 years and retired in 2008 suggested last October that the road should be renamed.





To allow local councils and the highways agency to make an informed decision about the renaming a survey was carried out after the families launched a campaign on Facebook.  The route which is currently being widened in a £150 million project could be renamed after the 453 soldiers who died in the conflict; this gave rise to some interesting thoughts and ideas for the name of the road. The survey suggested that 90 per cent of people supported the renaming of the road, with original suggestions being Bastion Way, Heroes Way, Helmand Way or Remembrance Way - which is considered to be the favourite.


Relatives of Warrant Officer Class 2 Sean Upton aged 35, who served with 5th Regiment RA when he was tragically killed in 2009, and Kieron Hill who served with the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcester’s and Foresters) believed the tribute would not be a popular choice.

Councillor Richard Butler, portfolio holder for sustainability at Rushcliffe Borough Council and other interested parties attended the unveiling.

The Nottingham Branch of the Royal Artillery Association fully supported the idea and were pleased with the outcome for all those injured or killed during the Afghanistan campaign, as the name ‘Remembrance Way’ suggests it’s about remembrance but the number of 453 is significant for operations in Helmand.



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