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Posted 17/03/15


Exercise Brief Encounter (Friday 13th March and Saturday 14th March)

Exercise Brief Encounter took place this weekend just gone (Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March). Ex Brief Encounter offers potential officers both Regular and reserve the chance to experience first-hand the equipment capability and career opportunities that exist within the Royal Artillery. Over the weekend, all teams and DS participated in a series of round robin stands, all geared to showcase the Royal Artillery such as; the Gun run -  an arduous activity head by 7 (Para) RHA, assault course (29 Cdo Regt RA), command tasks (YO’s Branch), and the Kings troop challenge all culminating with a live firing serial exposing UOTC cadets to the FST role. Throughout the whole exercise area was also various pieces of Artillery equipment which also served to provide the cadets with hands on, whilst being delivered some insight into each of the different capabilities the Royal Artillery can deliver on the battle field.   




Corps Engagement Team - Army Career Centre visits around the UK 

These ensure that the best recruiting practice and leaflets are being employed by the staff at these ACC’s. The CET regularly visit Army Career Centre’s around the UK to employ the best recruiting practice and ensure that The Royal Artillery have sufficient information being supplied to potential recruits through leaflets and guidance from staff.



The Royal Artillery Corps Engagement Team @ the Bournemouth Airshow 2014


(Soldier Recruiting) Harrogate Pass Out Parade (Thursday 19th February)

Meet and great all the potential new soldier recruits that are intending to join The Royal Artillery (other cap badges also Pass Out from Harrogate). The Harrogate Pass Out Parade was an invaluable experience for Soldier Recruiting. It enabled us to meet the potential Soldiers that intend to join The Royal Artillery (including “The Best Royal Artillery Soldier” to pass out from Harrogate). Although it was miserable weather, the Parade itself was an amazing experience for all those involved and lucky enough to view it. These opportunities also enable Soldier Recruiting staff to meet with instructors from Harrogate, other Royal Artillery staff from different Regiments and staff that host Regimental Insight Courses around the UK to recruit and give an insight into the Royal Artillery. 

(Soldier Recruiting) King’s Troop Royal Salute (Friday 6th February)

Watching the King’s Troop firing at the Royal Salute at Green Park in London. Ideal name-to-face event as well. The King’s Troop Royal Salute’s are prestigious events that are held to commemorate and celebrate Royal Anniversaries and State Occasions. The Royal Salute provides black and brown horses to trail gun carriages from Wellington Barracks to Green Park/Hyde Park. The King’s Troop Royal Salute that we attended was the 41 Gun Royal Salute to mark the 63rd anniversary of Her Majesty’s Accession to the Throne.            

(Soldier Recruiting and Corps Engagement Team) Firepower Museum (Thursday 5th February) 

Visiting The Royal Artillery’s Firepower Museum in Greenwich to understand the history of The Royal Artillery. The CET and Soldier Recruiting team have also made a visit to the Firepower Museum in Woolwich to view the history of weapons used in The Royal Artillery, specifically to name during WW2. The Firepower Museum, which is due to close in December 2016,  is a great insight into the sad but incredible history of The Royal Artillery. It contains many artefacts that have been restored and protected from use to now be used as an educational tool into the development of the incredible weaponry that this Cap Badge has to use this day.        

(Corps Engagement Team) Visit to schools 

Have made several visits to different schools recently (to name one – Godolphin school)  The corps Engagement Team have made visits to schools around the UK to give them an insight into what the Army (and specifically, The Royal Artillery) has to offer them. One visit to a local school, Godolphin (3rd February), saw Gunner Hindle and Lt Wade leading a great presentation and Q&A to the female students into the life of a female soldier in The Royal Artillery. Capt Fiddler is soon to be taking a presentation into ‘life for a female Officer within the Royal Artillery’ at Nottingham High School.          

(Soldier Recruiting and Corps Engagement Team) RIC – Regimental Insight Courses 

Designed to benefit potential recruits and show them life in The RA and what jobs are available to them. These occur 10 times a month (each one lasts for approximately 3-4 days). Regimental Insight Courses are undertaken 10 times a year, lasting between 3 and 4 days. Each RIC has between 15 and 40 attendees (potential recruits to The Royal Artillery that wish to know a bit more about the jobs and tasks undertaken by Gunners and Other Ranks within this Cap Badge). It’s an invaluable experience for these young people and is the forefront in the larger recruiting incentive. ·        

(Officer Recruiting) UOTC – University Officer Training Corps

Happen often and these are designed to promote The RA to University graduates who may wish to join the Royal Artillery as an Officer. University Officer Training Corps, in layman’s terms, is a “day in the life of an officer” for university graduates who are enquiring into joining the Army. The UOTC’s are a training scheme for these graduates to experience what they will encounter upon joining and being part of the Army, as well as qualifying them with half of the qualifications that they will need to undertake upon joining the Army.    



Gunners making friends at Birmingham UOTC Open Day



(Officer Recruiting) OFV’s – Officer Familiarisation Visit’s

These are for potential RA Officer recruits to come to Larkhill and find out more about the Royal Artillery and for the Officer’s that are taking the lead to find out which potential recruits would be most suited to the Royal Artillery (beneficial to both parties). Officer Familiarisation Visit’s are for potential Officer Cadets to get a longer and better insight into the fitness and ‘values and standards’ that the Army encourages and enforces upon joining and all the way through to leaving the military. It allows the potential recruits to find out more about the Cap Badge that they wish to join as well as allowing the Officer employees to find out more about the individuals attending and which ones they believe to be suitable for joining The Royal Artillery. It is a professional and personal meet and greet for all those involved with the process and helps to give an insight into which Officer’s may be seen soon passing out of Sandhurst and starting life in The Royal Artillery.  


This Insight was written by:-

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RHQ RA Soldier Recruiting Clerk

RHQ RA Larkhill

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