Ex RA officer with cancer raises money for The Royal Marsden

Posted 15/09/15

Why am I Raising Money For The Royal Marsden?

On Tuesday last week I spent several hours at the Marsden having scans, blood tests and generally being prodded and examined. In the process I spent some time thinking about what an amazing job they've done for me and so many others. Hence this quick tarrididdle as to why I'm raising money for them on Sunday 13 September.

In Nov 2012, I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Being given less than six months to live was a shock. Yes - a shock.  

After that I started, thanks to the Marsden, getting lucky. My consultant is world leading; the initial treatment she gave me (whilst brutal in its short and long term physical toll) was effective in reducing the tumours. 

The success (not a given) of the emergency chemotherapy then left me open to a new, experimental chemotherapy. Only a handful of people in the UK were on it. I again responded well (again fortunate) and it kept the cancer at bay until November this year. You can see what I mean by lucky.  At that point the scans showed that the cancer had spread into my shoulder, rib, right lung, hip, stomach and most upsettingly the brain. Apart from the fear factor of brain cancer the practical repercussions of instantly having my driving licence taken away was (and continues to be) extremely frustrating - to put it mildly. Once again the Marsden stepped up to the plate. A new, even more experimental, chemotherapy was recommended. This treatment is so new the drug companies are not even selling it yet!  This chemo is quite temperamental, it is a diva - all sorts of extra tests and new side effects. There's always side effects with cancer treatment. At least I've kept my hair so far.  At least I am writing this email.

So, at 1200 on Sunday 13 September at the Old Whits Rugby, Croham Manor Road, South Croydon,

CR2 7BG.  I'm organising a fun run. The Lung Fung Rung. The third annual iteration. In itself that 'third' feels like a triumph. I didn't expect to be around at this point after my first diagnosis. 

The run is only two laps of the rugby pitch. All done in comfort, walking is acceptable (even encouraged).  Bring a picnic if you want - I will be. There's a raffle and based on the last couple of years it's a very relaxed, most enjoyable event. Very much friends, family and chilling. 

Please use this link to donate some funds to the Royal Marsden. All the money raised will go directly to a project run by my consultant. No money lost to running costs. 

I look forward to the replies and banter. 

Thanks for all your support. 


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