Fight Night 2015

Posted 27/03/15

The Royal Artillery Boxing Finals 2015




It was a highly eventful night for all concerned as the Royal Artillery Championship Finals 2015 came to an exciting end. 

Throughout the week the Regiments have all been involved in the preliminaries which lead to a packed night of excitement and great boxing by all concerned.   




Some of the Comments from the Regiments that took part:-  



3rd Regt RHA  

Wow....what a night of boxing. Gnr Taylor (C Bty) female champion again and Gnr Powell (M Bty) now Gunner Heavyweight champion and picked up best boxer!!

Big well done to them both and the rest of a talented boxing squad. More to come from the Albemarle 'stables' next year......   





32nd Regt RA, BSM 22 Bty  

Just want to say what a performance from all who fought in the RA Champs over the past few days and an evening which was packed full of good boxers.  

Shane and Brownie all this is down to you both for the very hard work you have put in each day let’s hope we keep it going until the next Inter Bty Comp 32 Regt RA boxing team one

World Class. .



Photography courtesy of Mr Tim Browne 

For a full report please see the Gunner Magazine


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