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Posted 08/04/15


Supporting Gunners............this is what we do at the RA Charitable Fund and the RA Association.  In fact it is the bedrock that holds the Regimental Family together.  Comradeship and support on all levels.  The RAA Facebook page has now been running for some time and we have over 5000 members comprising of Gunners and supporters of the Royal Regiment and its Veterans. 

It is an amazing forum and I do love to sit and go through it and read some of the banter and see some of the old photos that people post.  One of the things that we have been noticed is that the page is getting a little flooded with Gunners that are selling and advertising their items and businesses.  While we wholeheartedly support this it is now getting to the point where the site is looking at little like Ebay.

We feel that we have come up with a solution and that is the ‘Gunner Merchandise’ page on the website  it is a page that I can add to and put up links to your businesses and adverts and we can support each other in sharing this information broadly through the web.  I feel that this supports you in your business ventures and leaves the Facebook page to its normal sharing and posting of RA banter!

I am happy to be contacted on or through the Facebook page – which is easier – and I can chat to you about your business look at your link and then we can go from there.  It is something that can take 5 mins to put up on the website.

If you look at the page the Garrison PRI shop is our main profile and you can get all manner of items with the badge of the RA Association.  If you buy from the RA Association page on the site then a small donation comes the Association’s way – which is a great support.


If this is something that you are interested in then please get in touch………………………

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