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Posted 05/03/15

My name is Bobby Crick I play the bugle and cavalry natural trumpet army calls for ceremonies, dinners, reunions, weddings, all to enable the charities of serving and veterans as well as their families... so long as i get money for the charities like the royal British Legion or Regimental Association and a little for fuel cost that’s reward enough for me.

I consider it an honour every day to have the opportunity to brush shoulders with those of us who took the queens shilling. Past and present alike, I offer the highest of respect to all three "Armed services" insignia and awards aside. We all lived to serve! so i offer my services for the benefit of veterans, families and injured alike if you are in need of my services please call on me.  Weekends are all free and if close enough some evening appointments too... and yes I'm totally free of charge!

I do however ask a donation for charity (some fuel costs are always welcome) but my priority is a charity donation for our ex-service colleagues.  

My thoughts are simple, employ me for a function or memorial, and give to a veterans charity this is where my work bears fruit to all home grown service charities in the uk :)  


My Selfish Wish List for each year....  

To show & give support and friendship to as many people who are lost, lonely, in need of a friend and caring understanding ear to talk to.

To instil confidence back to those who have lost theirs.

To help fund raise at every possible opportunity I can with using my bugle and trumpet as a service I can pass on.

To leave a lasting impact and reputation of my care support and help is a priority to me for as long as their is breath in my body.

To carry no prejudices about anyone in need of support and help.

To raise my profile in this venture and move it to greater and bigger fund raising

To learn that humility respect and pride can be a true driving force for me and others,

To grow and help more people next year and play at as many ceremonies and functions as possible.  



Mr Bobby Crick


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