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Posted 30/11/16

Over the years I have come to meet and know a vast number of RAA members who are truly dedicated to upholding and endorsing the values and principles of the Royal Regiment and its association; but none more so than our Standard Bearers.

Royal Artillery Assembly 2016


Men and women of all ages and abilities have taken it upon themselves to do that bit extra for the regiment and its veterans and they have become personal friends of those of us who work in your headquarters.

Turning out in all weather conditions, often at short notice and even when it means re-arranging family plans, they willingly travel long distances to provide visible support at a variety of events, adding a balance of flair, dignity and respect that is admired and appreciated by all those in attendance.

Many of us in the association only ever get to see our Standard Bearers at national events such as the assembly or at the NMA but dealing with them almost on a daily basis we at RAA headquarters see at first hand just how many requests we receive for a Standard Bearer to be present at various funerals, memorials, dedications and parades up and down the country and, experience shows, that if at all possible the association will not be found wanting.


Royal Artillery Assembly Sunset Ceremony


Sadly though, over time, we have had the unhappy task of saying farewell to some marvellous Standard Bearers who have inevitably succumbed to age or illness who, during their time, carried their Standard proudly in our name.

I promised myself that I would not single out any particular Bearer by name but I couldn’t finish this small tribute without mentioning Tug Wilson.  Tug has proudly and meticulously led out Standards on so many occasions over the years, passing on his knowledge and skills to many of those with lesser experience and we are all the more professional as a result.

On behalf of all the staff at Artillery House and all members of the association, we gratefully thank you all.  For more pictures please visiy our Gallery.  You can also follow this link to our Nottingham Branch during Remembrance Weekend 2016 

A Solly

Membership Secretary  

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