Recruiting New Members

Posted 23/01/15

Recently Artillery House has re-launched two recruiting drives for new members; one through local press agencies and the other over the RAA website.  Both are attracting wide interest from retired Gunners across the British Isles.  In the past month alone we have attracted over 400 new RAA members through the website and our Facebook pages and current figures show that 10% of these new members want to become members of their local branch.


It is important therefore, that when you hear about a new member in your area you do all you can to make them feel welcome.  You must make contact soon; you must invite them to your meetings, even offering to give them a lift if necessary and buy them their first drink.  Invite them to bring their wives/partners or friends along too.


All too often new members fall through the net because they feel unwelcome or disillusioned at the way the branch conducts its meetings.  Branch meetings must be interesting, fun and enjoyable and make people want to return.  It is from this new blood that you stand the best chance of finding replacements for retiring committee members and ensuring a longer future for your branch.


We are working hard on your behalf to attract new members; please do all you can to support us.



Allan Solly

RAA Membership Secretary

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