South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum Call to RA Veterans

Posted 13/02/15

The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, located at Lakeside, Doncaster has a number of displays on the theme of the Battle of Britain and, in particular, the Sheffield Blitz of December 1940.  Among the Museum’s extensive collection is a 1937 Projector Fortress Mk 8/1 searchlight of a type used by Anti-Aircraft Command during the Second World War.  The Museum staff is keen to improve the display of the searchlight to include, if possible, personal recollections of Anti-Aircraft Command veterans of the time, especially the searchlight operators of the 10th Division.  With Anti-Aircraft Command being the largest World War 2 Command, we are hopeful that some veterans are members of the Royal Artillery Association.

The ideal outcome would be for us to speak to and transcribe, or record, any such recollections to add to our display.  Any such recollections would be displayed only with the agreement of the veteran concerned and we would probably like to include one or two photos on the display (perhaps a 1940s one and a recent one).

If you are able to help with our request, please contact me through 

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