The British 10K London Run

Posted 17/07/15

The 10K British London run took place in London on the 12th July.  The event was again well attended by the Royal Regiment of Artillery. 

The Royal Artillery Charitable Fund had teams from 16 Regt RA, 14 Regt RA, 12 Regt RA, 26 Regt RA and 1 RHA. The event itself was a huge success and we are very grateful to all our Regiments for taking the time out of their weekends to raise money for the Charitable Fund. 

All the money raised goes to Gunner Veterans in need.





Lt May & 2Lt Wiegman from 32 (Minden) Bty, 16 Regt RA



WO2 (BSM) E Philip 34 Bty, 14 Regt RA



Congratulations to all our Regiments that took Part!


If you or your Regiment want to take part in this event next year please contact Sarah at 


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