The Royal Regiment has been busy...

Posted 27/02/15

It has been a very busy period for the Royal Regiment. 

A disbandment parade with the Welsh Gunners – 39 Regt RA – going into suspended animation.



Also, 19th Regiment Royal Artillery has marked a significant change to its structure with the placement of 52 (Niagara) Battery in to suspended animation with a parade at Bhurtpore Barracks, Tidworth.


Lieutenant Colonel John Oldroyd, Commanding Officer, 19 Regt RA, said:

“It’s a sad time for those serving now in 52 Battery and those who have served previously in the last years. But it is extremely positive though that the soldiers on parade today with 52 Battery will return to work on Monday with 176 Battery – so the ethos stays together but they will work under a different name.”


This was then rounded off with a great day for the Regiment.  Several Gunners have been mentioned in the latest honours and awards list.  These included Capt. Will Hall who was serving with 3RHA at the time of the award and who now serves with 16 Regt RA.  He has been awarded the Military Cross. Will’s citation states:


 “Without thought for his own life he continued to expose himself to accurate and intense enemy fire to treat his fallen comrade and to suppress an effective and deadly foe.”

The Military Cross is awarded for exemplary gallantry in the presence of the enemy during land operations.

Another 12 personnel from or working for our Regiment's Op HERRICK 19 deployment. This is a very proud time for the Regimen as we are also celebrating our Tercentenary. UBIQUE! For a full List please see the link below.



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