The Truce Match

Posted 02/12/14

I think this one of the nicest stories that came from the WW1.  There were lots of moments that apparent cease fires were held due to holidays and certain times of the year.  The facts are scattered and if some are to be believed then it would be nice to assume that on Christmas Day the allied and enemy forces came together in ‘No Man’s Land’ and played a game of football and tried to remember what Christmas was about.  At the heart of every one of us there is the need to provide and give gifts to those we love and to help each other out.  I, myself would like to think that I would of upheld a truce like this and tried to forget the horrors of the war for a couple of hours. 

This is a real feel good story and I hope that it was the case and that some of the young men that celebrated Christmas in the trenches and didn’t come home found some semblance of peace that day.

 I have attached the link to the advert currently on the television from Sainsbury’s and if you haven’t seen it then please watch it as it will move you and help us all remember why we are commemorating the war 100 years on.


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