Joan Wanklyn Memorial Prize...


Joan Wanklyn   1924 - 1999

For over 30 years Joan Wanklyn was our Regimental Artist, known by every Gunner for her paintings and sketches of regimental events. Every regiment and thousands of individuals of all ranks posses tangible evidence of her artistic skills. Joan excelled at equestrian art and a great master at painting artillery weapons where she had an astonishing eye for detail. In February 1974 Joan took on responsibilities of Chairman of the Ladies' sections of the Royal Artillery Association. Joan died on 13 December 1999 aged 75.

Out of her bequest to the Royal Artillery Association the Joan Wanklyn Memorial Prize was instituted. This comprises of a £500 bursary to assist a child or grandchild of a Gunner through tersiary art education. The winner of this bursary is chosen by the RA Association National Executive Committee at its March meeting and the bursay is presented by the Master Gunner at the RA Assembly later in the year. The winner is under agreement to produce an original work of art to be displayed at the RA Assembly the following year. You can view the previous winners in our Joan Wanklyn Gallery.

THE JOAN WANKLYN MEMORIAL PRIZE is a bursary to be presented each year by the Royal Artillery Association in memory of Miss Joan Wanklyn who was, for many years our Regimental Artist. 

The Bursary comprises a cheque of £500 is to be presented at the RA Assembly in May 2017.  

Applications are open to the sons, daughters and grandchildren of Serving or Retired members of the Regiment, regardless of rank or station, who have reached the tertiary stage of education and are in their first year of a course at a recognised College or University to study art in its broader form. 

For the May following the award, the successful applicant will be required to produce a piece of work judged by the Grants Committee to be worthy of public display.  The work may be a drawing or a painting, or piece of sculpture for which any medium or process may be used including ceramics, synthetics and metals as well as traditional materials.  

Those eligible are invited to apply in the first instance to Lt Col IA Vere Nicoll MBE, General Secretary of The Royal Artillery Association at the address given below.  Initial applications are to be in manuscript and must be received at Artillery House by 22nd January 2016.  A form of application will then be supplied.  

Cas Thoburn Asst to Gen Sec

Artillery House

Royal Artillery Barracks




SP4 8QT   Tel No:      

01980 845895 Email:



Winners celebrated at RA Personal Development Awards 2015 

The prestigious RA PD Awards took place in December with 32 Regt RA and 19 Regt RA receiving the top prizes of the day for Learner of the Year and PD Unit of the Year respectively.  

The awards, which were held during the RA Conference at Larkhill, celebrate both Gunner individuals and units for contributing to their own and others’ personal and professional development.  

As well as recognition for their commitment to personal and professional development, winners, and those highly commended and commended, also received attractive prizes ranging from £50 to £500 for individuals. Regiments of the winners received £250, but the top regimental prize money of £2000 went to 19 Regt RA for PD Unit of the year.  

The Master Gunner St James’s Park, General Sir Timothy Granville-Chapman GBE, KCB, who made the awards on the first day of the Conference, was there to present the winners with their certificates and prizes.  

Congratulations should be said to all award winners, and to all nominees, who all together have not only achieved a great deal, but all their efforts have been above and beyond their normal duties.

Full results below and you can visit the RACPD website for more photos from the day:   

RA PD Award Winners 2015 (By award)  


Learner of the Year Winner - Bdr T Parry, 32 Regt RA (£500)

  PD Unit of the Year Winner – 19 Regt RA (£2000) Highly Commended – 26 Regt RA (£500)  

Apprentice of the Year Winner - Gnr L Nicklin, 26 Regt RA (£400) Highly Commended - Gnr R Meisel, 16 Regt RA (£100) Commended - Gnr K Newton, 7 Para RHA (£50)  

Advanced Course Learner of the Year Winner - LBdr N Atkinson, 47 Regt RA (£400) Highly Commended - LBdr R Tchuwah, 12 Regt RA (£100)  

Learning Centre Learner of the Year Winner - LBdr G Slack, 1 RHA (£400) Highly Commended - Gnr J S Jemmoth, 5 Regt RA (£100)  

Assessor of the Year Winner - SSgt S Evans, 32 Regt RA (£400) Highly Commended - SSgt M Richards, 3 RHA (£100)  

PD Champion of the Year Winner - Bdr B Ncube, 29 Cdo Regt RA (£400) Highly Commended - Maj G Leadbitter RA, 26 Regt RA (£100)


Personal Development Award Winners 2015

The Cornwall Cup


The Cornwall Cup is awarded to the Regiment that throughout the year raises the

most money for The Royal Artillery Charitable Fund.

The Cup was presented to 12th Regiment Royal Artillery for fundraising over £9,500 in 2015




The Royal Artillery Medal

The Royal Artillery Medal is awarded annually to any member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Regular or Reserve) of any rank, serving or retired, or civilian, who has rendered outstanding service to the Regiment as a whole. It may be for a single act or for service over a prolonged period.  

The recipients for 2015 are:              

Major L G Evans MVO RA – 19 Regt RA  

Mr Thomas Wilson – Royal Artillery Association



The Neville Walford Medal       

The Neville Walford Medal is awarded annually to a serving officer (Major to Colonel) of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Regular) for noteworthy service.       

The recipient for 2015 is:              

Colonel N A Wilson – AG DG PERS DAP AD APS 2

The Napier Medal       

The Napier Medal is awarded annually to a serving Captain or Subaltern in the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Regular or Reserve) for noteworthy service.       

The recipient for 2015 is:  

Capt J Wooldridge RHA - 3 Regt RHA.  

The Goschen Medal      

The Goschen Medal is awarded annually to a serving non-commissioned member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Regular or Reserve) for noteworthy service.          

The recipient for 2015 is:  

SSgt Cooksey AD 1 Regt RHA.

The National Artillery Association Medal       

Instituted in 2012, the National Artillery Association Medal is to be awarded annually to a member (SNCO or Officer) of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Reserves), for noteworthy service.       

The recipient for 2015 is:              

Maj (Ret’d) G Porter MBE CVHQRA / NRHQRA

The Lefroy Medal       

The Lefroy Medal is awarded biennially to a serving member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Regular or Reserve) adjudged to have made an outstanding contribution to the science and application of artillery.      

The recipient for 2015:              

Capt G M Collins RA12 Regt RA


The Mansergh Memorial Prize...

Object.  The object is to recognise outstanding acts of bravery, which have not been recognised by any other award of commendation; or, in the absence of any such act, other special achievements by individuals of the Regiment.  

The Award.  The award consists of an inscribed bracket clock and a scroll, and is accompanied by a biographical sketch of General Mansergh.  

Presentation.  It is presented at the RA Assembly usually by the Master Gunner


The RAA Sword for Young Officers...


Object. The award is made to the Royal Artillery Officer who, during his Young Officers’ Course, showed him or herself most deserving in general efficiency and character. An interest in outdoor and sporting activities is to be taken into account.

The Award. The award is a Royal Artillery sword inscribed with the RAA’s title and with the name of the winner.

Presentation. It is presented at the dinner in which the young officer concerned is ‘dined in’ to the Regiment.


The Football Challenge Cup...

The Award. The winner of the Regimental Association Football Competition holds the Cup for one year. The runner-up receives a rose bowl for the same period.

Presentation. The Awards are presented on the field of play, usually by the Chairman of the RAA.


The Royal Artillery Association Cup...

The Royal Artillery Association Cup is awarded annually to the unit or sub unti that has consistently demonstrated support to the Royal Artillery Association over the past year.