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You can download copies of our annual forms.  You can also download the event forms for most of our national and regional events.


As you aware the whole country is getting ready for GDPR.  I know that some of you would have seen the notice in the Gunner magazine.  You will also have noticed that George and Elly from RAA HQ office are contacting all branches for their nominal rolls and branch information.  This is a very time consuming and important task and I would appreciate your understanding and efficiency in getting this processed.

This is how we at the RAA expect the roll out of GDPR to happen for the us.

Contact for all those with email

The emails to individuals will be sent at the end of May, you will receive this email and be asked to click your consent – please do so and our system will be updated.

Wash Up

Sometime in Early June we will be sending you as branch reps and secretaries copies of the forms to canvass your branch members that haven’t received anything by either post or email.  This would have been because of the nominal rolls not being up to date.

Can I ask please that you disseminate this information to all your branch members as soon as possible.  If you are a Regional/District Rep then please support your branches with this request. 

This is a mammoth task for all and it requires us to be as up to date as possible.  We have a response time of 60 days – if you do not return any forms or emails after this time the data will be deleted from our database. 

I hope all of this makes sense, however if you have any queries please do let me know.  Please email your questions (if possible) as we do not have the resources to answer the many phone calls that we are already receiving.

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