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Veterans’ Gateway Update -  JULY 2017



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How to apply for Medals, Veteran's Badge & lost medals

Sometimes we lose medals or they need replacing.  Please follow this link for advice on this: 




Tracing Service Records

The RAA does not hold any information and has no access to Service Records.  These have to be applied for now through the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow.  We have put together a useful fact sheet that may also help.  You can download this here.  You can also contact



Pension Advice

Do you need advice about your army pension? Then by contacting the Armed Forces Pension Society you are assured of receiving advice to help you get the best pension to which you are entitled.  There are many websites that can help and if you unsure then please contact  for more help.




Housing one of the most important things that you need to square away when you leave the Army.  Haig homes is a real choice and we do encourage you to put in applications and follow the link to the application process.




Leaving the Army is a transition period that can be daunting for some people.  If you are looking to keep up to date with current news in the Royal Regiment or just simply want to be part of the Regimental Family and are looking for comradeship and some social fun then joining you local branch might be the answer.

The resettlement package explained

As a soldier, you’ll have gained valuable skills and life experience. You’ll find that most civilian employers respect this, but the Army gives you some extra help on the job market as well.
The Resettlement Package you get depends on how long you have served. It includes a resettlement payment to help with the costs of setting up your new life and extra training courses to help you find the right job. You’ll be given time off to attend job interviews, and if you've served more than six years you'll be entitled to at least four weeks’ Resettlement Time at the end of your service, rising to seven weeks if you've served for 16 years or more.
And if you want to return to full-time education, you can use Enhanced Learning Credits to pay for up to 80 per cent of your course fees. 

Army Reserve opportunities

If, having left the Regular Army, you miss the camaraderie, excitement and variety of your old Army life, why not give the Reservists a go? You’ll get many of the benefits of Army life and combine them with your new civilian life and career. Plus, there are now financial incentives available if you join the Army Reserve of up to £10,000 for ex-Regulars. If you join the Army Reserve within 3 years of leaving the Regulars, you will not deploy on operations for up to 3 years, unless you volunteer. You will also have a reduced requirement to conduct certain basic military tests and you will only need to do 19, instead of 27 days training to qualify for the maximum tax-free bounty.




Lifelong learning, training and qualifications


The Royal Artillery Centre for Personal Development (RACPD) provides nationally recognised qualifications to the Royal Artillery, other Service personnel and the wider Defence community, including veterans and dependants. From a qualification in telecommunications or logistics to an award in Leadership & Management, it offers over 40 civilian vocational and professional qualifications to improve your skills and knowledge now, and in preparation for your next career. It has learning centres all over England and in Germany, and there are also opportunities for work-based and online learning. Some courses are free or subsidised and, as an approved MOD ELC provider, you can also use your learning credits to offset the cost of the courses which, providing you meet all the criteria, are valid for up to 10 years after leaving the Services. So whether it is your first step towards a teaching career, improving your maths, achieving a qualification in fork lift truck driving or project management, see the website for more details and don’t put off your personal development any longer.

Enhanced Learning Credits

 1.    All serving members of the Armed Forces qualify (Ring 0845 300 5179 if you are unsure)

2.    Must have a minimum of 4 years service from date of registration before 1 Apr 17, and a minimum of 6 years service          from 1 Apr 2017 to be eligible to access the lower tier up to a maximum of 3 claims of £1000 per financial year.

3.    Must have a minimum of 8 years service from date of registration to be eligible to access the higher tier up to a                  maximum of 3 claims of £2000 per financial year.

4.    Maximum of 1 claim per year with 3 claims in total

5.    Those with 6 – 8 years service on the lower tier have the option to aggregate all 3 together for 1 claim of £3000.                  Upper tier is ineligible.

6.    The qualifying period is from 1 Apr – 31 Mar and is based on cse start date not when it ends.

7.    There must be a minimum contribution of at least 20%

8.    Can only be used in “one hit”

9.    The training provider must be on the ELCAS register. This can be found on their website -                                                

10.  The course must be a minimum of a civilian Level 3 standard

11.  Online application must be submitted to an Individual Education Resettlement Officer (IERO) ** before payment is              made. This can be found on their website

12.  Once approved a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) is issued

13.  Balance of payment is made to Trg Provider along with the CAN

14.  After the cse evaluation feedback is required on ELC website before next claim can be made

15.  Can be used up to 5 years after leaving the service


“X” course costs £1500*

Authorisation is given. CAN issued

Balance of payment made (£300). CAN given to Trg Provider

Attend and complete the course

Complete e-feedback on ELC website

Await next FY to be eligible to apply again

*Forfeit £800 (based on the individual being on the higher tier)

**Individual Education Resettlement Officer. For all veterans their IERO is Siobhan Fowler at HQ Army. She is the Single Service POC for the Army’s veterans ELC enquiries.

Learning Credit Scheme (LCS) Manager
Education Branch Zone 4, Floor 2, Army Personnel Services Group, Home Command
Ramillies Building, Army HQ
Monxton Road, Andover
SP11 8HJ
Tel: 01264 381580