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Blind Veterans UK is committed to supporting Armed Forces veterans affected by sight loss

When someone loses their sight, the affetcs can be devastating for the whole family, especially without the dedicated care, support and services to help them adjust.  Blind Veterans UK believes that no one who has served our country should have to fight sight loss alone.

The charity provides its beneficiaries with free support and services, including:




The charity is reaching out to the tens of thousands of ex-Service men and women who are now battling severe sight loss, who could be eligible for support but who currently do not realise it. It doesn’t matter when or how a veteran lost their sight, or when they served, Blind Veterans UK can help. If you care for a veteran with sight loss, or know someone who does, request Blind Veterans UK’s free, lifelong support at or call freephone 0800 389 7979.

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The RA Charitable Fund helps over 1,400 Gunners both serving and retired, regular and reserves and their dependants in need each year.  Of these we are very proud to say that the ABF The Soldiers Charity provided funding for 546 cases in the last year with total donations amounting to over £339,480.  We are extremely grateful for their continued support. They are a great charity and one we are very proud to be associated with.

Across the Army community over the last year the ABF The Soldiers Charity distributed well in excess of £4m to over 5000 individuals and their families. 





We are 'Friends of Southampton old Cemetery' - FoSOC for short - a group of enthusiasts interested in the history, wildlife and maintenance of the Old Cemetery in Southampton, Hampshire, UK - a grade 2* listed Cemetery.


Royal Canadian Artillery Association

The Royal Canadian Artillery Association (RCAA) was founded in 1876 with the object of promoting the efficiency and welfare of the Royal Canadian Artillery and other matters pertaining to the defence of Canada. A general meeting of the RCAA is normally held annually. The following are eligible for membership:

The following may affiliate with the RCAA:

Any person deemed to have rendered outstanding service to the artillery may be elected an Honorary Life Member of the RCAA at a General Meeting. Record of service in The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery will normally be the principal factor in selection. Any serving or retired officer of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery may make application to become a Life Member. The application should be forwarded to the Secretary of the RCAA for consideration at the next General Meeting.