The RA Charitable Fund...


How does the RA Charitable Fund Work:

The RA Charitable Fund embraces anyone who is or ever has been, a Gunner or part of the Gunner Regimental family.

Donating to the RA Charitable Fund

 In the past 15 years the RA Charitable Fund has assisted over 33,000 Gunners and their dependants in need. Donations are a vital source of our income and we are truly appreciative of all the donations we receive. If you do not donate perhaps you would start donating regularly now?  There are two tax efficient ways of donating. By your completing a Standing Order and Gift Aid form we are able to claim back a further 25% of your donation from HM Revenue and Customs.  Alternatively you can use the Payroll Giving scheme if you are in work or in receipt of a taxable pension. Under the Payroll Giving scheme your income tax liability is calculated after the Payroll Giving donation has been deducted from your gross pay or pension which means that the income tax, at whatever is the highest rate you are paying, will be received by us immediately instead of being sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  At the present time, if you are serving or retired, and you wish to use the Payroll Roll Giving scheme you should go to the website and open Employees. Full instructions are given how to complete and submit a donation form online and you need do nothing more except receive our thanks. 

What does it provide:

The RA Charitable Fund financially supports all officers and soldiers and their dependants whether serving or retired, widowed or divorced who are in need.

We are here to help all members of the Regimental family in need, whatever the cause and at any time in their lives. There is no geographical limit and we can assist Gunners, Gunner Veterans and their dependants throughout the world.
We provide through eligibility criteria, and based on humanity, reality and flexibility speedy assistance to all members of the Gunner Family; we judge each case on its own merits.

If you would like more information or think that you might benefit from our assistance then please contact us. 

01980 634309

How you can get involved


Every year, we help over 1700 Gunners and their dependants in their hour of need.  There are many ways you can fundraise for us or you can simply make a difference by dontating...

this is how your money can help...